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Accept The Duty to L E A D!


Learn . Evolve. Apply. Deliver




This is the innovative strategic approach that Bayyan Ventures employs to help move people and organizations to progressive next levels of success.


Bayyan Ventures is a human and resource development consulting company that create platforms designed to promote and build Leadership Capacity, Resource Development and People Effectiveness.


With over 40 years of experience in people, resource and organization development, our partner consultants have earned recognition and respect as thought leaders and change agents for the diverse clients and organizations they’ve served.


Anchored by an unwavering commitment to be catalyst for personal, corporate or community change, Our organization is fully committed to helping you or your organization reach that place called EXCELLENCE!






"Bayyan Ventures grows talent to its fullest potential by connecting that individual who has been dreaming alone, to a community of fellow visionaries and dreamers. Their coaching and personal development services showed me how to boldly... and wisely... grow the business of my dreams in less than 12 months time." 

Brian Hardy, Founder / DeadlyDymes Media







Bayyan Ventures Facilitates:


-Focus Groups

-Personal and Business Effectiveness Coaching


Bayyan Ventures Hosts:



-Professional & Student Leadership Retreats



Bayyan Ventures Promotes:

-Early Talent Development Career Initiatives

-Strategic Philanthropic Initiatives

-Social Enterprise Initiatives 







Prior to discovering Bayyan Ventures I lacked confidence in the very attributes I would need to pursue leadership and mentoring positions in my community...Bayyan Ventures provided the technical assistance personal coaching  I needed to help me create a platform that has allowed me to become a mentor and documentary film producer.”

Angela Morrow Executive Producer

Choice Not Chance Project

        WHAT WE DO 

                    CS + DA = WR


Creative Strategies + Disruptive Approach = Winning Results!

Bayyan Ventures is committed to helping organizations and individuals build the necessary skills to function at the highest levels.  We create, coach, guide and direct you and your team to the resources and tools needed to increase both capacity and capability. As a result, our clients have improved processes, increased personal effectiveness and increased profitability.


- We use assessment, evaluation tools and methods for benchmarking, SWOT and gap analysis.

- We are adept at framing solutions in a social, cultural and economic context that makes sense to our audiences.

- We educate to empower!


Let us show you how our track record of success delivering innovative strategies, action plans and learning modules to small, midsize, and large businesses; government and non-profit organizations; colleges and universities can also help you produce sustainable, impactful results.



“Patrice has done an excellent job in teaching the leadership values that corporations look for…”

Jahmaad Crudup ISM, CTL

Senior Global Materials Planner at Cummins Inc.



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